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The Alimagnet Dog Park is an enclosed, seven acre, off-leash canine exercise area located in Burnsville, Minnesota. It is owned and operated by the City of Burnsville and supported by members of PACK (People of Alimagnet Caring for K9s).

NOTICE: The large dog park will be closed Monday, 7/22/19 through Friday 7/26/19 from 7am-5pm daily for park improvements.  During this time, the small dog park will remain open.  Users should enter and exit at the north gate rather than the main gate during construction hours.

The PACK Board is in desperate need of members.  Members of the board help oversee park maintenance and projects and attend a monthly board meeting.  If you love coming to the park and would like to help out in any way, please contact a board member

It's not just any dog park. In 2005, Alimagnet Dog Park was voted one of the best parks in the nation in a contest in "Dog Fancy" magazine!

As of January 2006, we added night lights, heat to our shelter, and heated water bowls for winter park visitors.

In 2017, we expanded the small dog park and improved the front gate area.

Be the hero your dog thinks you are. Apply for a membership today! No matter his size or breed, Rover will relish the canine companionship, wood-chip walking path, grassy play area, drinking water and swimming pond.

And the park is fun for humans, too! Enjoy fresh air and camaraderie with fellow dog-lovers under our weather shelter; check the information board and newsletter, "The Scoop," for park news; and make use of the free plastic pick-up bags. When your pal is pooped, cross the parking lot for a quick rinse at our dog washing station (seasonal).

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