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First and foremost, Alimagnet is a park for people with dogs. Passionate PACK members made Alimagnet the 3rd Best Dog Park in the nation in 2005, and it continues to grow because of everyone's dedicated efforts.


Here are some ways that you can help:

Purchase a membership and encourage other park users to do the same
Volunteer at special events like the Dog Days of Summer
Attend clean-up and other participation days
Wheel trash cans to the curb when they are full and on pick-up days (Wednesday and Sunday)
Help remove Burdock plants
Clear vines from fence
Supply fresh water for dog bowls
Build and/or donate extra benches and picnic tables
Refer landscapers to help with beach erosion

If you're interested in becoming more involved with park improvement projects, events like the Dog Days of Summer, or various other board activities, please contact Autumn Fenmar. We dig dog-lovers with time, talent, and/or materials to contribute to the, cause.

If you have additional suggestions to improve the park, please contact any board member or use the Suggestion Box at the park.

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